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Fleming Bookbinding Company is a third generation company started in 1947 by James G. Fleming at Collinsville, Mississippi.  At that time he did mostly library binding.  Over the years, library binding has expanded into newspaper binding, binding of small books, such as family histories etc., plus microfilming.

James' son, Milton, began to learn the business with his father at an early age, and eventually took over the business.

In 1970, Milton moved his family to Quitman, MS, along with the business.  A few years later Milton's son, Charles, joined him in the family business.  Charles is now the owner of this family owned, family run and family proud company.  With the business growing, we had to build a new building in 1991.  Then in 2005, we moved to a larger building, which is now the present location.

Services we offer are newspaper binding, small bookbinding, such as family and cemetery histories, and microfilming services.

Newspapers are our major binding.  In the beginning we started binding newspapers from Mississippi and Alabama.  We now bind newspapers from almost all 50 states, including Alaska. 

Newspapers are hand sewn and bound with a heavy binder board, covered with buckram cloth.  The name of the newspaper and the dates are stamped in gold on the spine.  We offer a variety of cloth colors.  Some of the newspapers we bind are: The Meridian Star, Hattiesburg American, Texarkana Gazette and many more.

We also bind a variety of small books, such as cemetery, family and county histories.  We also offer a variety of colors to choose from.

In addition, we make post binders.  They are used for the temporary storage of newspapers.  We have sold some to be used as scrapbooks.  They are made with heavy binder board and covered with buckram cloth and have two heavy posts.  Sizes are made to order.

Microfilming is another service we offer.  Microfilming is done on Kodak 35mm film with silver duplicating.

We look forward to meeting all your binding needs. Please contact us with any questions.

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